Clitcoin is an Ethereum-backed cryptocurrency that utilizes anonymous transactions and smart contracts to deliver peer-2-peer adult content and transparent payment, all at no risk to personal identity or loss of privacy.

Clitcoin utilizes an array of new tools for clients to take advantage of, namely our proprietary facial recognition and live-blurring abilities. For performers who want a click and play option to share content without risk to their privacy, Clitcoin makes it easy to get started.

Well, you might have to go back to high school sex-ed for that last question… But Clitcoin is a currency adopted by our platform to allow easy and anonymous transactions, for pay-as-you-go content and tipping with ease and anonymity. Clitcoin makes it easy for users to turn FIAT into CLIT anonymously and privately, and allows users to spend their currency however they see fit. CLIT does not offer any voting or ownership of Clitco LLC.

Those questions are well beyond the scope of a porn service’s FAQ… But we can point you in the right direction. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin, you’ve already won half the battle. Check out this great article done by the New York Times about Ethereum and it’s role in modern society.


We’ll be honest- we’re here for the porn. We understand that many people use altcoins and cryptocurrency to trade and profit (or not), and that’s fine by us. But our long term goals mean a stable price for Clitcoin that allows people to use it freely and without hesitation on our platform, and other’s. That means in the early stages of Clitcoin, it’s vital we have both halves of the equation: loyal content consumers and providers who require our currency for our services, and investors who would like to see their business succeed.

Clitcoin gets its value from being traded on the open market, but is set at a ratio and distribution that allows it to maintain a cheap value. At time of writing, 1 CLIT is equivalent to about $0.25. For more information on how to trade Clitcoin (and other altcoins), check out this guide from Coinbase.