Contract Address of thief:


The above address was used by someone to exploit a vulnerability that allowed them to steal over 450 ETH (the entire remaining balance) from us. We are in process of contacting the FBI to report the crime, a felony, and will be offering up people we believe may be the culprit.

We did all that we could to hide this vulnerability in an effort to keep everyone's funds safe, which included going dark until it's conclusion. If any funds are recovered we will do our best to ensure all those who have not already processed their refunds will get their money back. This was always our intention but someone beat us there.

We still believe in the project and are working as hard as we can to push forward. With no funds, however, this process will be extremely difficult.

Thank you for all your support and we will keep you informed going forward on any progress we are able to obtain from working with authorities.


Clitcoin is a peer-2-peer adult network that allows you to host or watch live shows, access on-demand content, and purchase adult products, all with our totally anonymous currency.

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Host your own show anonymously, anywhere, anytime with your smart device. Use our facial recognition feature to conceal your identity.


Using our unique currency, you only pay for what you want.  No monthly subscriptions, no hidden fees, no minimums.

100% Anonymous

With no user information kept, and content delivered peer-to-peer, there is never a concern of breach in privacy.

Your Choice

We offer a truly flexible platform to allow content providers and performers the ability to share content at their own pace, and their own price.


Our proprietary marketplace allows adult content suppliers to sell directly to their customers, using the Ethereum SmartContract based system.


With content delivered peer-to-peer, we remove the need to host content on our servers and allow providers the ability to share content at will.


The adventure begins!
  • March 2017

    1. An idea is born

    The founders of Clitcoin had an idea, and all ideas start with a problem.  How do we bring the anonymous nature of Ethereum and it's technology into the adult industry?

  • May 2017

    2. Core Technologies

    Before building the platform, we wanted to make sure all the core technologies needed were understood and validated.  We built platform elements to support face blurring, peer-to-peer video exchange, and blockchain solutions to allow a plug and play shopping cart.  It all works!  Time to build out the platform, and time to raise some funding.

  • June 2017

    3. The Pitch

    Work began putting all the material together needed to bring our idea to the market.  Whitepapers, websites, blogs, etc.  We have our coin ready to distribute, and just need to reach out to the community.

  • Q3 2017

    4. Launch

    With our tech under wraps, our content ready, we will take the coin and platform live with our token sale.

  • Q4 2017

    5. Expansion

    With our goals met, we will hunker down and push the platform to the open market.  With our connections in the adult industry, and with our marketing team built, we are confident we will see an explosion of use and interest.